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Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Tap & Hip Hop and more. With over 50 classes for all ages in every style, we have the right class to nourish any dancer's passion.


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Classes We Offer


Classical ballet technique is taught with an emphasis on alignment, flexibility and placement. It is the foundation for all styles of dance and is required to take Lyrical and Contemporary classes.


Classes are structured to teach technique, musicality and style to contemporary and current music. Technical elements such as jumps, turns and kicks are of focus while incorporating movement and choreography to create well rounded dancers.

Musical Theatre

These classes are based in jazz technique and combine the art of dance and theatre. Dancers will learn to portray characters through the Broadway style choreography.



These classes are for our tiny dancers (ages 3-5) that want to experience the art of dance in a structured yet fun setting. We incorporate Ballet, Tap & Acrobatics into these hour long classes.


These classes are an hour and a half and for our dancers ages 5-7 who are “transitioning” from Combo to hour long Level I classes. This is the perfect combination of 2 styles of dance that gives the dancer the exposure to more than one style within one class. 


Strength and conditioning is essential to a dancer’s training. This class incorporates cross training, stretch, functional training and more to keep every dancer in the best shape possible.



Tap is so important for rhythm, musicality and timing as a dancer. This is a great accompaniment to every dancer’s training no matter the age.

Hip Hop

These classes include all forms of street dancing such as jazz funk, popping, breaking, free style & more. 


Dancers must be enrolled in Ballet to take Contemporary. These classes have a foundation in ballet technique and are a fusion of multiple styles of dance. Contemporary classes explore movement and improvisation to enhance the dancer’s training. 


Jump & Turns

These classes focuses on jazz based jumps and turns with a foundation in ballet technique. Flexibility and strength are also a focus in this class making it a great addition to any dancer’s training. This class does not have a recital dance. 


These classes included all forms of floor tricks. Acrobatic training is extremely helpful for flexibility and strength that are essential in all styles of dance.


Dancers must be enrolled in Ballet to take Lyrical. These classes have a foundation in ballet technique and use contemporary movement and music with a classical influence.


Adult Bootcamp

This dance inspired fitness class will keep you moving and in shape without the gym membership. 

Flexibility, Yoga & More

Alternative wellness is an important part of K&D South. Join us for one of our ongoing wellness classes in a variety of alternative practices.


What level am I?

This is a guideline. Please contact us to find the perfect fit for your dancer.

Combo I 3-4 years old

Combo II 4-5 years old

Combo III 5-6 years old

Transition 5-7 years old

Level I 1-2 years experience (ages 6-9)

Level II 2-3 years experience (ages 8-11)

Level III 3-4 years experience (ages 10-12)

Level IV 5-6 years experience (ages 11-14)

Teen (ages 12 and up)

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